Kathleen Weise

was born in 1978 in Leipzig, studied at the Deutsches Literaturinstitut (German Literature Institute) in Leipzig. She now freelances as a publishing editor and writer. For many years, she was also involved in voluntary work for the Literaturbüro e.V. (Literature Office) in Leipzig, focussing her activities on youth work and the organisation of readings and workshops.




Thienemann Verlag GmbH, Blumenstr. 36, 70182 Stuttgart/Germany

France, Germany, Spain: Doris Keller-Riehm: keller-riehm[at]thienemann.de

All other countries: Elke Fuhrmann: fuhrmann[at]thienemann.de


März 2012

Cinderella’s last dance

224 pages, from age of 12 years

Thienemann Verlag/Planet Girl

ISBN-13: 978-3522503013


A thriller to give you goose-pimples: a tragic flaw of a troubled teenager.
Grey mists are hanging over the moors when Harper's cousin Elsa is attacked. A Cinderella quote is the only clue the evil-doer left behind with the young dancer. While the police are feverishly hunting him, the small town is gripped by fear. Only Harper is not prepared to hang around doing nothing. She begins to ask questions – but the perpetrator already has his eyes on the next victim …


More about Harpers adventure.

Januar 2011
Blood-red Lilies

Historical Romance
Thienemann/Planet Girl

336 pages, from age of 13 years


Paris, 1609. Power and wealth have been attracting a host of people to the royal court. Young Charlotte de Montmorency is among those who get caught up in the swirl of wild parties, flattering friendships and dangerous intrigues. Behind the glittery scenes people go to all lengths to fight for influence on the royal family, while the escalating conflict between the Huguenots and the Catholics is dictating what goes on in the world of politics. Charlotte has to stand up for herself, and an attempt is even made on her life. It is the young prince, of all people, who comes to her rescue ...

Topic: Love and intrigue at 17th century's royal court, passionate novel and thriller.


More about blood-red lilies.

Blood-red Lilies - EXTRACT
PDF-Dokument [77.0 KB]

translated: Netherlands

Uitleverdatum: 23 jul. 2013

ISBN nummer: 9789026606755

Imprint: Callenbach

Pagina's: 256

Uitgever: VBK Media


September 2011
In the Land of the Voodoo-Moon
Historical Mystery
288 pages, from age of 13 years
Thienemann Verlag/Planet Girl
ISBN-13: 978-3-522-50263-4

1789 in Saint Dominique.

Éloise, a young French woman, arrives at her uncle's sugar plantation on the Caribbean island. She finds warm summer nights filled with the smell of flowers; but she also sees the suffering of the slaves and hears the eerie sound of drums raising the spirits. But then she is having nightmares and a mysterious run of misfortune. Is someone trying to kill her and will she find help from a young servant?

A mystical and spellbinding narrative, fascinating love story set in the Caribbean against a historic backcloth.


More about Éloise and Voodoo.

Translated into: Czech, Spain


September 2010

The purple Ribbon
with b/w illustrations and third colour: red

Illustrators Carla Miller & Isabelle Metzen
Historical Romance
128 pages, from age of 13 years


Graphic novel or narrative? Both! – The highlight for fans of dark romance.

A story full of emotion and detailed-packed pictures.

It is probably the 19th century and the place is England. An old manor house huddled in the shadow of the woods. Cathy, who possesses little more than a small bundle of belongings and a purple ribbon in her hair, applies for the job as maid. It is rumoured amongst staff there that the attractive young Count William is pleasure-loving and unpredictable, but Cathy finds out that he is really fatally ill and because of this, he lives every day to the full as if it were his last. The two are attracted to each other; they both have their own view of the world. But the enigmatic young count and a young girl with a pure heart? They are well of kindred spirit and yet so different – this cannot come to a good ending.


Story alternates between atmospheric narrative passages and graphic novel.

The Purple Ribbon - EXTRACT
PDF-Dokument [781.9 KB]

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